Unity candle ceremony - celebrating the new family.

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Unity Candle Ceremony 5


Unity candle ceremony example 3
The Following is an example of how a unity candle ceremony is performed in weddings.

Directions for using the following unity wedding ceremonies:

Bold Print indicates statements to be read by the officiant or others

Italic print provides directions

Standard print refers to optional or alternative materials


Celebrating the New Family – A ceremony for including children in the lighting of the unity candle
Often, marriage is viewed as the union of only two persons. In reality, however, marriage is much more broad.

As we give thanks for the love that brings ______________________and__________________ together, so, too, we celebrate marriage as the merging of families and recognize the additional love and responsibility family and friends bring to this relationship.

(The unity of God's family)
We are, in fact, all members of one family – of God's family. This relationship is emphasized in the Bible, where it is written (Letter from James, adapted from The Living Bible):

“And it was a happy day for God when we received our new lives, through the truth of God's word, and we became... the first children in God's new family.”

Other biblical passages emphasizing the oneness of God's family include Leviticus 26:4-6, Ezekiel 34:25-29, Ephesians 2:14 and Galatians 3:28-29.

(Recognition of Children)
As part of the family nature of God's creation, we recognize ___________________ and the very important role he/she/they play(s) in this marriage.

Children may be invited forward if they are not already included in the wedding party.

Lighting of the unity candle

The officiant may invite each family member to come forward and, with their individual candles, light the center unity candle.

Through the strength of your one light of love, you commit yourselves to a new future, one which love has created and is creating before our very eyes. May we ever respect the sanctify of this gift.

Participants may return their individual candles to the altar or stand and hold hands while the officiant says:

As we have received the light of love, may we share the strength of our growing love for one another, including, in ever widening paths, those who wait without hope and live without love's shelter.

Couple may kiss and then embrace children.

(A Blessing)
And now go forth united by the light of God. Go forth with hope and joy and a heart full of dreams,


knowing that God is always with you. Amen.

Presentation of the New Couple and Family

It is my pleasure to present to you ______________________and___________________(0r Mr. And Mrs. _____________________) in their new relationship as husband and wife and their son(s) / daughter(s) / children ______________________________.

Special thanks to Dr. Roger Coleman, Clergy Services, Inc., Kansas City, Mo., for allowing us to use his blessings, ceremonies, and explanations.


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