Tips and advice on how to do wedding research on wedding banquet , reception and cocktail.

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Wedding research, Wedding reception, wedding banquet and cocktail
Where to look for information in such a big wedding industry? There are tons of information everywhere, enough to distract you in every direction. As for me, search the internet first, it will give you tons of information and tips like what you are doing now. You can also visit your local bookstore and browse through some wedding magazines, normally you will find wedding rates at the back of the magazine. Attend bridal or wedding shows, you can save some leg work as all the things that you are looking for is under one roof, be it wedding favors, wedding cards, wedding venues, bridal gowns, caterers, photographers, videographers, wedding decorations, bridal flowers etc.. subscribe to newsletters, member's discounts can be an attraction.

You got to be involved, after all it is your wedding. If you have attended weddings before, you may notice things that you would like to have and stuff you do not want in your own wedding. Talk to your married friends, you can get very good wedding advice from them, and the best part is they have done the research for you. Ask them to let you have the reserach they have done. Some of the wedding venues they have dropped due to other reasons, it can be your dream site. If you have friends that you consider someone with good taste, ask them for suggestions. Think of unconventional locations, try museums, art galleries, bay area, gardens....

Look for wedding venues that suit your needs, if you need a wedding cocktail before the wedding banquet, you need to find a venue that is adequate to handle all this. Nowadays, it is very common to have a wedding cocktail and wedding banquet seperated, gone are the days where there are only a wedding reception. The wedding cocktail is to receive your invited guests and also a time to get together and mingle around, the wedding banquet will be either a buffet or a sit down dinner where guests will be served and entertained.

Ask the management about the turn around time if you plan to engage an external florist, that is in-house florist which is not part of the wedding package but florist that you have engaged to do up the wedding decorations. There may be functions before your wedding, and the staff will have to turn the whole venue into your specified wedding décor once the function stops. Timing is a great factor that involves in a smooth wedding planning.

If you think that the turn around time is too short or it simply cannot accomodate your wedding planning, you may consider having different venues; one for the cocktail and the next for the wedding banquet. You can save some flower cost by recycling them from your cocktail and transport them to the wedding venue. There are certain cost to bare in mind, one of them is the transportation of items and your guests, you may not want some of your guests who are not driving to settle their own transportation bill. Timing must be adequate from your wedding cocktail to your wedding banquet, take special note on the time of the day traffic congestion, the day of your testing at 1pm may not be the same at 5pm on the actual day.

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