Questions help you short list and selecting wedding venue.

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Last minute touches before the wedding starts
Prior to the start of the wedding ceremony, the Best Man should do a last flight check on the Groom. What are the things to look out for?

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Wedding procession
You will find out the exact positions all wedding party to form up, bride, groom, chief bridesmaid, best man, bridesmaids.....

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Divorced wedding ceremony
Will anyone perform a wedding ceremony for divorced couples ?

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Roman Catholic Church wedding ceremony
Do you know there are 2 kinds of service? Let us walk you through the procedure

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Civil wedding ceremony
Probably this is the most popular wedding ceremony, here you will find out the first part of the wedding procession, don't miss it

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Should you host your wedding at a hotel or hired premises?
We will discover the pros and cons of it

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Questions to find and select wedding venue
Here are some points you may need to check before deciding on the wedding venue.

1.Is the space adequate to fit all your reception, cocktail and wedding needs?

2.Are there any events running at the same time?

3.How about any events running before your wedding?

4.What is the turn around time? (I have seen couples fuming because the event running before the wedding did not finish on time and the groom have to entertain the guests at the reception a bit longer)

5.How many tables can the ballroom fit in?

6.Do you need a dance floor?

7.How big is the stage?

8.Ask for a floor plan

9.Ask for the rates of weekdays and weekends

10.Are the acoustics good enough to kill the noise from the other room if it is running another event?

11.Where is the entrance you are walking in during your wedding?

12.Ask the banquet manager to advise on how not to run into another bride if there is another wedding running at the same time?

13.Check if the place provide video projector if you need one for video presentation.

14.Check with the banquet manager if you are allowed to use candles as decorations (if it is one of your priority) as the wax may damage their carpet

15.Will they dim the lights for you to show you how almost the lighting is going to be on your wedding?

16.If you see some minor damages, ask if they will fix it before your wedding day?

17.Smoking area?

18.Complimentary parking for your guests?

19.Capacity of the parking facility?

20.What is the minimum downpayment?

21.What is the time allowed to make a cancellation?

22.Will there be a refund?

23.Which florist do they use?

24.Ask for some examples of the wedding decorations

25.How many waiters will be serving?

26.Wedding cake design?

27.Do they offer a food tasting session after you have confirmed with them on the wedding venue? (I personally have not come across a caterer or hotel that offers food tasting without signing on the

dotted line as preparing food for even 2 persons is a lot of work; but do watch out for wedding shows, because sometimes they provide food tasting on the spot)

28.How many variations of menus are there?

29.Do they allow to inter-change the dishes?

30.If you chose to let your guests sample one of your own signature dish (maybe your family dish) will they charge you extra for serving?

31.Do they charge extra for serving your own wine?

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