Planning tips on choosing wedding caterer, how to short list.

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Choosing wedding caterer
A group of musicians with their ethnic instruments made their way into the entrance of the wedding venue. Burning torches to light up the mood and enhance the ethnic wedding theme. Now the well dressed tuxedo waiters march in with a hand balancing a silver platter of fine and exquisite food. Quite an entrance, you may have seen it in your friend's wedding. Thought about how their well talented hands have crafted those food into fine pieces of art?

So how do you actually find these great chefs and caterers? First stop, browse some magazines, that will give you a list of good caterers and recommendations. You can find some good referrers from the internet. Ask the manager of the wedding venue you have selected, I am sure they can give you some good recommendations and also they can tell you which one to stay away from.

The things to look out for: are the staff friendly and helpful? Take a look at their portfolio, look at the photographs, are they attractive and delicious to look at? Is the office or kitchen clean and tidy? See whether are there any certifications on the wall? Any qualifications? Awards? Check out the staff's attire, are they neat and tidy? You wouldn't want a chef preparing your food with a cigarette stuck in his mouth. Any expensive items they are proposing? If there are exquisite items, how many will they be providing? Is that enough to feed all your guests?

Read some wedding magazines that can give you a good idea on designing your own menu. You can ask your friends to recommend some if they are nosey enough to ask whose the chef in every restaurant or wedding party they have attended. Any relatives in the food and beverage industry, go and get some information from them.

When you visit a chef or caterer, take a look at their menus, see if it fits your wedding budget and taste. Mix and match them if you can, this may help to meet your wedding budget. The chef or caterer will be happy to explain to you the different kinds of items that are on the menu. Meet up with the chef that will be responsible for your food, ask them for advise. Remember that chefs are quite similar to artist with an attitude, don't try to impress them too much with your own ideas which in the end may not work.

Instead listen to them, talk to them nicely and treat them as a professionals.

Let the chef know the capacity of your invited guests, that will allow him to calculate what menu is suitable and what is not. For certain food preparation, the chef may need a bigger space and man power. If you think that certain menu which is not advisable from the chef to execute because he is lazy, think again, they do have a reputation to protect and that is their business. Before you sign and confrm the chef, ask if there is a food tasting and for how many persons, get them to put it in writing. Do not schedule the food tasting too close to your wedding day, allow some time in between for a second one if you are not satisfied.

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