Etiquette tips on wedding invitation card design.

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Unity candle lighting ceremony
Let us enlighten you on the meaning of this wonderful experience

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Types of unity candle ceremonies
There are different types of ceremonies suited for different kinds of wedding couples

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Unity Candle Ceremony Example 1
Here's an example called “Let there be Light”

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Unity Candle Ceremony Example 2
The Two and the One – A contemporary ceremony for lighting the unity candle

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Unity Candle Ceremony Example 3
Celebrating the New Family – A ceremony for including children in the lighting of the unity candle

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Wedding cake selection
So many deigns to choose from, so little time

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Hiring a wedding photographer
Here are some "Rules of Engagement"

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On wedding invitation card design and taste
Choosing fonts that suit your taste and style can be a tremendous task, a rule of a thumb, never use more than two different types of fonts, anything more than that can be confusing and cluttered.

For formal once, choose something close to calligraphy style, avoid choosing those that are too curvy and is hard to read.

If you decided to opt for double envelopes per wedding invitation card, the outer should be less costly and the inner one more exquisite, look for something that has embossed patterns on the edge, and again this depends on personal taste.

Having said all this, you can even design and custom-made the wedding invitation cards yourself. Look through the various piles of wedding magazines in your nearest bookstore, you will find some very good examples that you can mix and match them to fit your wedding theme.

Splash some greeneries on the wedding invitation cards to suggest a country wedding theme. Learn some embossing techniques and apply them on the borders of the wedding invitation cards. If you are yearning for some die-cuts, please know the amount of time you will be putting in to cut out those hundreds of wedding invitation cards, or you can look for ready-made cut outs.

Attached dried leaves into the wedding invitation cards for a softer feel. Choose some nice looking ribbons and adorned it to the front of your wedding invitation cards. Put a simple instruction that allow your wedding guests to write their names on the dried leaf that act as a response card, the dried leaves you have collected can be used as a decoration in your wedding theme.

Some pointers to keep in mind: spell out whole words, like street instead of st. . Address unmarried couples in 2 separate lines instead of addressing them in 1. Only abbreviate Mr. Mrs Ms. Jr. , for professional titles, spell them out. You may send a separate envelope to their children but you can save some cost if you just put in _____ & family.

Never forget to include the postage cost in your wedding budget, you may include stamps in the envelope for your wedding guests to mail back the response card as a good gesture. Look for self adhesive stamps, so that you will not have to lick hundreds of stamps!

Proof read your wedding invitation cards, from the beginning of the final artwork before print, to the finished print. After writing the wedding guests names, proof read them again, get someone with a fresh set of eyes to proof read them again. It will be an embarrassment if you spelled something wrong. Don't forget to send wedding cards to your parents, this is the most forgotten part by wedding couples.

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