Planning wedding at home, indoor, in your own house.

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Wedding at home
If you ever decide planning wedding at home, you may want to compile your own checklist and narrow down on the possibilities of doing it, as doing it at the comfort of your own house like wedding indoors can be a chore, here are some.

1.How many guests are you inviting to your wedding?

2.How big is your house?

3.Is it big enough to have everyone seated?

4.Parking facilities?

5.How many bathrooms do you have?


7.If a dark cloud start hovering around your wedding venue, is your house big enough to house them in?

8.Is the electricity powerful enough to power up all the speakers, lights, kitchen appliances etc...?

9.Do you need to fumigate your garden?

10.Do you need a marquee or a tent?

Unless your father is a tycoon or a multi-millionaire, most of the houses will not be able to house in so many guests. And that depends on how many guests you are inviting of course. You will definitely have to host your wedding outdoors.

There are points to take note of, first you have to know whether do you need any flooring. If you are having garden wedding, the grass are likely to be uneven and you will need some flooring to level it. Floorings can be expensive, but without one, it can leave you with some consequences. After a rain, your guests will be stepping on pools of water on the grass if you don't provide a flooring. Somebody may trip on some grass stuck together or your guests will be sitting uncomfortably on unleveled ground. The worst part is after your wedding and every guests have left your wedding venue, you discover your house indoors is full of muddy footprints.

Wedding decorations can be a real headache when you consider covering up an empty space, as oppose to a hotel where the ballroom is already adorned with chandeliers and well detailed walls. And the more you want to cover up and make the empty tent look good, the more it is going to cost you.

How about the temperature inside the tent, air-conditioning the whole place is going to chalk up your power bills. You have to make sure that you have enough power to feed the air conditioner. You will probably need a generator and you have to place it some distance away as it will be noisy,

you wouldn't want the generator to be the limelight instead of your quartet on your wedding.

Having enough portable toilets will be the next to consider. Unless your house have enough toilets, or you are going to rent some portable toilets. An average person uses the toilet at a 3 hours interval, that will give you a rough estimate of how many portable toilets do you need, do the math. Ask for the number of uses a particular model of portable toilet it can take. Always separate male and female toilets. Erect a marquee for the toilets and make a covered walkway for it. Opt for toilets that comes complete with mirrors. That will hold up your wedding pretty well and your guests will enjoy it.

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