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Wedding announcements with cards
One of the ways to announce weddings and engagements is through newspaper, but you may have realized that it is not always an effective medium as people tend to skip that particular column or page.

The best bet is still good old fashion wedding invitation cards. Gone are the days of formal traditional wedding invitations, you will be submerged in a wide variety of designs, textures and colors to spoil you nowadays. You can have designers to design your very own wedding invitations, have your own logo designed, so that you can have the logo printed on the napkins, wedding gifts, wedding thank you cards, video cds.... etc.

Your wedding cards design and logo design is portrays your personality and style as well as taste, it will also enhance the wedding theme you are planning. With today's printing technology, you can be spoiled for choice, here are a few printing styles you may want to consider.

Spot UV – it is a coat of shiny transparent coating onto the paper. It can be really classy if done correctly. Imagine a black matte card, with writings that are spot uv, so only the writings are shiny whereas the rest are matte.

Blind Emboss – areas that are blind embossed are protruding, no ink is printed. This kind of style is neat and “no-nonsense”. You can use them for borders also.

Hot Stamping Gold – you guessed it, gold. Printed gold and hot stamped gold has different effects. Hot stamped gold, is very shiny and has a raised effect.

Powder print – When printed with this method, the printed area is raised and smooth.

Paper is measured in bond weight. Cards are three-ply stock; sheets are 32 to 42 pound bond. Most invitations come in one of two standard sizes: embassy, which is 5’/2 x 71/2 inches; and classic, which is 4’/2 x 6~/4 inches.

Wedding invitations can be a non-folded heavy card or a double-folded thin card with the printing inside. The words can run horizontally or vertically. If you choose anything from out of these standard sizes, you may have to buy hand-made envelopes,

which is often expensive and may blow your wedding budget.

When you visit any paper merchant or shop, once stepped in, you eyes will be enticed by the huge collection of papers in different kinds of flavors. Hand-made papers are costly, but interesting enough to take a second look. They can be made with dried flowers or leafs, exquisite materials that are layered with gold or silver. Though they are beautiful , they may not be suitable for printing, they can be used as a border or backing for your wedding card. Always do some research before doing any purchase, without the proper information, you will find yourself spending half of your day in the shop hunting for the right paper.

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