Formal and traditional writing wedding invitations format, sample and example.

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Etiquette on writing wedding invitations cards
If writing a wedding invitation card is as easy as joting down the date, names and venue, I think you better skip this whole article. It is all about etiquette, from choosing the right font to the color of the paper. It is also a little something to reflect one's own personality, there are rules for formal traditional invitations or you can mix them around to suit your wedding theme.

To start off, you need to know how many wedding invitation cards you need. You should take note that some of the people you invite to your wedding only need to send one wedding invitation because they are a couple. Chances are you may need lesser than you expect, also try to get some extras as you may make some writing mistakes.

Decide whether you need to include Thank You cards to all your wedding guests. Always purchase all the stationary at one go, that will save you a trip, get some discounts and it helps to keep the consistency to your desired wedding theme.

So how do you short-list the mountainous wedding guests on your name list? By now you would have noticed there are 4 parts of wedding guests in your list, they are yours, your fiance's, both sets of parents.

Firstly, talk to your parents, see if they can omit some out, remember that your wedding is not a time to pay social dues. Please do not upset them as you may discover some of their friends are very important which they will like to take this joyous occasion to get in touch with. Causing upset to your in-laws will lead you to future conflicts, please be more tactful and prepare some thoughts before you speak to them about it.

You and your fiance's list will be much simpler, as you already know who is important in your life, who you don't want to see in your wedding, who you will not see, who will be upset if they are not invited to your wedding.

Now we can introduce the formal and traditional way of writing a wedding invitation. It has to be written in black ink, with embossed patterns and gold or silver fine details at the card's edge. The card has to be of a heavier grammage, slotted into 2 envelopes, the inner not glued, the outer one glued. Colors have to be in beige or white.

British english to be used, and spelt. No abbreviations can be tolerated, for example “street” has to be spell out, it cannot be written as “st.”. Commas can only be written in dates and addresses. There will not be “2pm”, instead you should write “two o'clock”.

“Two thirty” is not the way to write, it should be “half past two” or “a quarter to three” if it is “2.45”.

If you are holding a wedding ceremony in a church, you should write ”The honour of your presence”. If you are holding a wedding ceremony in a hotel or other non-religious wedding venue, you should write “The pleasure of your company”.

Bride's name before the groom. Use titles if you are a Doctor, or military titles. Formal wedding invitations are careful about whose name comes first, the relationship, and who is hosting the wedding. Keep in mind, its all about wedding etiquette.

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