Food tasting tips for your wedding banquet or reception on your caterer or restaurant.

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Unity candle lighting ceremony
Let us enlighten you on the meaning of this wonderful experience

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Types of unity candle ceremonies
There are different types of ceremonies suited for different kinds of wedding couples

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Unity Candle Ceremony Example 1
Here's an example called “Let there be Light”

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Unity Candle Ceremony Example 2
The Two and the One – A contemporary ceremony for lighting the unity candle

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Unity Candle Ceremony Example 3
Celebrating the New Family – A ceremony for including children in the lighting of the unity candle

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On wedding card designs and taste
Choosing fonts that suit your taste and style can be a tremendous task

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Initial food tasting of your wedding feast
If the food is really far from your expectations, you can be sure on your actual wedding day, it will be worst.

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Initial food tasting of your wedding feast
Food tasting will be the best time to invite your parents and in-laws. Together you are all going to have a great time knowing each other, communicating and discuss outstanding issues about the coming wedding.

The manager should be attending to you asking for your approval of all the dishes that has been served. If you are not satisfied with it, you have to give your comments and ask if they can rectify the problem. Is the sequence of the dishes served correctly? What about the accompanying beverage or wine, is it just right? If the food is really far from your expectations, you can be sure on your actual wedding day, it will be worst.

Take small bites to taste the food and its quality, do not attempt to over-eat as you are not attending a buffet dinner. Enjoy yourself, probably this is the only time you taste the food, on your wedding day, you will be so tied up entertaining your guests you may not have a chance to even taste it.

Take out a note pad and write down your comments, not that you are trying to be a galactic food taster; without writing them down, you are bound to forget the minor details. Not only should you take note of the taste, you should take note of the presentation. For example, should the grill marks on the lamb be on a single side or both sides? All this should be taken care of now, because what you see now is what you get on your wedding dinner.

You may need to decide how long do you want to keep your guests in cocktail. If you decide to keep them anywhere longer than 30 minutes, it will be more than peanuts and soft drinks on the menu, you need cocktail shrimps instead.

A bit on cost-cutting advise? Some wedding couples will keep the guests in cocktail longer which will be good to mingle around; it will also keep the main course shorter. It will be senseless to feed your guests to the brim and leave them with a full stomach to party, your guests will be tired.

Do not be embarrassed to ask how much is the serving per head on certain wedding packages, as for shrimps, it will be 4 pieces min. per head (anyway, this is just an estimate, items like shrimps are never enough). If shrimps will blow your wedding budget, be creative, try crabsticks, they are long red sticks made of fish paste but taste like crab meat.

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