Creating wedding budget list.

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Wedding announcements with cards
The best bet is still good old fashion wedding invitation cards.

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Initial food tasting of your wedding feast
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Scouting for wedding venue
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Wedding banquet or buffet? Which one?
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Unity Candle Ceremony Example 3
Celebrating the New Family – A ceremony for including children in the lighting of the unity candle

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Create wedding budget list
So you have decided to marry the most loved one in your world. Your next duty is to break the news to the lady's parents. Tough it is a tradition to break the news to her parents and at the same time the bride-to-be may get offended as she may think that she was being owned, but as a form of respect it is still a good idea to inform them.

After the great news has been told to both sets of parents, it will also be a good time for both parents to get together at an opportune time and communicate. If no one seems to initiate a move, always ask the groom's parents to call first. If you have children, let them be the first to know. Remember that all children are brought up differently, and aspect some hiccups.

When all this is cleared, you can sit down and start getting excited about planning your fantasy wedding. Most couples start planning their wedding by looking at what they can afford and start working from there, but through experience and examples it just don't work that way, you will only get frustrated in the end. So the best way to do is to lose all bondages, start your fantasy wedding by not having constraints and limitations.

You can have a wedding on the moon! Right at the middle of the ocean! Not possible? This is a start of your wedding theme, see how creative you can get when you realize that you don't have any constraints. What is your fantasy wedding that you ever wanted since you were a child? What color of your dream wedding gown is going to be? How many bridesmaid? How many guests are invited? How high you want your wedding cake to be? Write all this down, because it is important. Exchange ideas with your wife-to-be, ask her for opinions, join in the fun, you may even get to know each other better.

After some brainstorming, now you are ready to put them in the order of importance. Start to list down the most important thing first; Are the number of guests to be present important? Can you have roses instead of lilies? Do you really need a quartet? Do you want to impress your guests by throwing a lavish wedding dinner in a five star hotel? Or just a simple yet exquisite garden wedding theme will do? Choosing the perfect wedding diamond ring?

Now you need to write down some rough estimates of the list you have just collated. This way you can have a picture of where your money is spent on. Next try to move your budget around, try to lower some expectations and raise others. Is having 12 bridesmaids practical? If you think that a designer's wedding gown can be substituted for a simpler one and use the budget for a bigger wedding cake. Make some compromises with each other, that is what marriage is about sometimes. You may find yourself caught in between the in-laws, sometimes marriage comes in a package, so try to please them if you can, if not tell them nicely, after all this is your wedding day. When you have finished doing up a rough budget, look for items on the list that are flexible.

You may want your wedding gown from a specific designer, you may need a big wedding cake as a promise to your kids,

you may want lilies for your choice of wedding flowers; all these you feel are uncompromisable.

Look for items that you think can be compromised, like the number of guests to be invited to your wedding. 40 tables and 60 tables can mean a lot, it is a huge difference. First get a list from your parents and start to work them down. Write down who are your closest friends, that is why we advise to break the news of your wedding right after this part. Finalizing the number of guests to invite will also help to know which wedding venue is suitable, whether is it too big or too small. 

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