Deciding on wedding banquet or buffet spread for wedding reception.

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Wedding banquet or buffet? Which one?
Time to think about how long do you want the wedding to go. That will depends on how many dishes you are serving. The more dishes you serve, the longer your wedding will last. That will also depends on what kind of dinner will be served, a buffet or a seated wedding dinner.

If you opt for buffet in your wedding, it will be faster, as guests will be walking to the stations and fill their plates with food once you announce it. Please bare in mind that buffet does not mean it is going to be cheap. That all depends on what items you are serving, it may cost more than a seated dinner. As seated dinner needs to be served, it will take a lot longer, depending on the number of dishes served.

If you run into problems deciding on what kind of wedding banquet to have, whether is a seated wedding dinner or a wedding buffet, why not decide on just a wedding reception.

Having no main courses with just cocktails can be challenging, you got to be creative. But having just a wedding reception can be a good alternative if you are uncomfortable to go through a traditional wedding because it is your second marriage. You may opt for it if there isn't any good wedding venues or it is just too expensive and may blow your wedding budget. Or simply because your number of invited guests is too large to accommodate the wedding venues you have chosen.

So wedding reception is your way to go. In order to make it a wonderful wedding affair, you have to be sure that the food is adequate to last for at least 3 hours. You wouldn't want your wedding reception to go longer than 4 hours, it will be a drag for your guests. Neither do you want your guests to leave the

wedding party in 2 hours, it looks as if you are chasing them away.

Your wedding reception can be as exquisite in the outdoors at night like a five star hotel, serving carving stations, food from all over the world. If you are tied to a wedding budget, here's a tip, provide good deserts! Deserts can also create a beautiful atmosphere or maybe the main attraction, it will also keep the guests entertained.

Please also bare in mind that the food you ordered should only be consumed with a fork in hand, as seats may be limited, your guests will be standing with one hand holding a plate and the other a fork.

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