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Wedding cake bakery
Wedding Cakes, who would have thought of it. Wedding cakes for your relatives, and wedding cakes on your wedding day. And again, it is another way to make your wedding a unique occasion for everyone.

There are many kinds of wedding cakes and bakery. When presented with a range of choices, I would always like to think of it as shopping in a boutique.

You want a layer of fresh cream on top, carrot cake with cream cheese filing, another chocolate layer at the sides, or maybe orange wedding cakes , lemon flavoured. The sky is the limit when you are spoilt for choices on color, flavors, shapes, sizes and fillings for your wedding cakes. Gone are the days of your moms and dads where there are only white wedding cakes that are available. Welcome to the Designer’s boutique of wedding cake bakery.

Take a finger stroll along their galleries to have an idea how they differ and what style of the designs suit your occasion, wedding theme or wedding dress.

After you have short-listed several wedding caked bakery that are to your liking, make a trip down to meet them. But before you rush down, if you are artistically inclined, sketch out some wedding cake designs for discussion with the bakery, if you can’t even doodle, not to worry, print out examples from the internet or cut it out from wedding magazines.

When you’re at the wedding cake bakery, feel free to view their myriads designs of wedding cakes, ask what their charges are like. Show them the wedding cakes sketches and photos that you have brought with you. Ask the wedding cake bakery whether they bake fresh or work with frozen cakes. Some bakers bake early in a few days in advance, freeze them and decorate it in a few days later, with finishing touches and toppers on the wedding day. Fresh is good, it just taste a little bit better, but it’s all up to you to decide. You can always buy a few pieces from the bakery and test the freshness and taste it yourself.

Delivery is something you have to watch out for. Ask the wedding cake bakery whether will they deliver wedding cakes or do you have to arrange your own delivery? Are there any delivery charges?

Believe me, transporting wedding cake is no easy task, it is a job better to leave it to the professionals. And if you insist to pick up the wedding cake yourself, just rememnber to paste “fragile” stickers all over the wedding cake box (hope that it comes with it). Every little bump and hump will set your mind thinking what will the wedding cake look after that!

Finally, ask them if they will be able to cut the wedding cake for you. Cutting the wedding cake is a skill itself, but if they don’t offer this service, you can always get the catering people to do it.
Now you are ready to decide which baker to choose.


Unity candle lighting ceremony
Let us enlighten you on the meaning of this wonderful experience

Types of unity candle ceremonies
There are different types of ceremonies suited for different kinds of wedding couples

Unity Candle Ceremony Example 1
Here's an example called “Let there be Light”

Unity Candle Ceremony Example 2
The Two and the One – A contemporary ceremony for lighting the unity candle

Unity Candle Ceremony Example 3
Celebrating the New Family – A ceremony for including children in the lighting of the unity candle

On wedding card designs and taste
Choosing fonts that suit your taste and style can be a tremendous task

Wedding announcements with cards
The best bet is still good old fashion wedding invitation cards.

wedding announcement
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