This tip will help you find the perfect and right bridal and wedding accessories for your wedding dress. Which accessory wull match your wedding dress?

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Quick Bridal Tips 3


You got the wedding dress design all worked out fine and now you are waiting for the dress to be ready. Wait, there are still items you need, shoes, undergarments, wedding jewelry, gloves, hair piece etc.

1. Planning. Wedding accessories must be special ordered in some cases, sometimes it may take weeks to be made. So once you are done with the dress, shop for the hair piece or shoes right away. You can also get them first and try it on the wedding gown and see how it works together.

2. Be prepared. Get someone you think that have great taste. Sketch out or take a shot of your wedding dress and even a swatch of the fabric, this way, you can have a better picture on choosing the right wedding accessories.

3. Try it, or you'll never know! Be open to ideas, even if you think that certain tiaras don’t look good on you, hey, you never know until you try it, you may look great with some wedding accessories that you think will not.

4. Exact Match? Wedding Accessories will not match perfectly to what you expect it to be. Different manufacturers have different shades of colours, don’t try to hunt for the perfect colors. If there is a slight difference in shades, no one will ever notice. If your wedding ceremony is indoors, , you can even be less worried about it, indoor lighting and candlelight are very forgiving.


5. Simplicity. If your wedding dress is a simple one, go for bold statement details, like goles, tiaras and lacy veil edge. If your wedding dress is highly ornamented with beadings, lace, never choose intricate wedding accessories, choose delicate jewelry instead, plain edge veil and simple gloves.

6. Be wise. Choose wisely, it may save you some cost. If your veil is not to be worn throughout the day, or just only for the wedding ceremony, invest in a headpiece. Some wedding accessories you bought may have a second life, fabric shoes and purses can be dyed to suit your other dresses.


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