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All about wedding gifts
Wedding gifts, who isn’t excited about them? As invited guests, they are expected to send wedding gifts to the wedding couple. Normally, all the guests that are invited to the wedding reception or banquet are expected to send a wedding gift. Whereas, those that are only invited to the wedding ceremony and not the wedding reception are not expected to send any wedding gifts at all.

But relatives of the bride and the groom are expected to send wedding gifts whether they intend to attend the wedding ceremony or reception at all, as long as they are invited.

If an invitation has been decline by a friend, he is not expected to send any wedding gifts; but most will do so as if the cause is due to a busy schedule. If a friend or relative knows about the wedding somehow and send the wedding couple a gift, then the wedding couple are obligated to invite the sender to attend at least the wedding ceremony, if not, even the wedding banquet or reception. So to avoid embarrassments, send out the wedding invitations as soon as possible.

Usually, wedding gifts are sent to the bride’s mother unless specified in the wedding invitation when you send it out, it is a good idea to specify it correctly to avoid confusion. If so happens that both the bride and bridegroom’s parents are not around anymore, then all wedding gifts will be sent to the bride’s house. Nowadays, couples are already living together before they are even married, so it is common to send it to the wedding couple’s home.

These days, guests would prefer to send or bring their wedding gifts to the wedding reception, and it is appropriate to display or exhibit the wedding gifts your guests have brought to celebrate with you. Ask the banquet manager in advance for a table nicely decorated with tastefully done skirtings; you can even stack a few carton boxes, arrange them in a ‘stairs’ manner, cover it up with a large piece of white cloth. After that, you can start arranging the wedding gifts you have received before the wedding as well as the gifts your guests have just brought.

Assign someone to write down a brief description of the wedding gift and the giver’s name on a nicely printed card, and place it on top of the gift. You may have received checks, bonds, cash or some other forms of financial gift as wedding gifts, have the contents taken out into a safe place and only display the envelope. Write down the description of the contents such as, bonds, insurance policy, stocks and shares etc on the envelope, and place a card beside it with the giver’s name written on it.

As the wedding couple will not be able to unwrap the gifts during their wedding day, all the gifts will be sent back to the bride’s parent home. They will then display the wedding gifts nicely again with the cards neatly decorated for the benefits of the friends and families who comes to visit them.

The gifts will not be open until the newly weds have return from their honeymoon, then the fun starts.

As there will be some moving of items done when transporting the gifts to and from the wedding reception, it will be wise to insure them. It is good to buy some insurance to cover the gifts from damage and theft, as the gifts may include some very valuable items. And of course you should assign someone you trust to take extra care of the gifts during the whole wedding ceremony and reception, have them place in a locked room when the wedding banquet starts. If you need to display the wedding gifts through out the whole wedding event, have someone to guard over it.


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