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  This is an intermediate course on wedding etiquette tips, please follow the green arrows
as instructed below to complete.

Should you host your wedding at a hotel or hired premises?
We will discover the pros and cons of it

Wedding recession for civil wedding ceremony
Find out what's next after the wedding vows, and should the hungry guests wait for you?

Civil wedding ceremony
Probably this is the most popular wedding ceremony, here you will find out the first part of the wedding procession, don't miss it

Jewish wedding ceremony
We will give you a brief description of Jewish ceremonial laws and procession

Duties of Groomsmen and Chief Usher
Before you choose your groomsmen, make sure that they are up to the job

Wedding Cancellations and postponements
In an event of unforseen circumstances, here is what you should do

  Wedding Rehearsals and Order of Service
Why is rehearsals so important? What are the things to bring?
Seating arrangements in a church wedding service
We will give you a quick snapshot of the actual seating arrangements and a brief walk thru of what will happen during your wedding day
bridal direction Last minute touches before the wedding starts
Prior to the start of the wedding ceremony, the Best Man should do a last flight check on the Groom. What are the things to look out for?
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      Wedding recession
Discover how the positions of the wedding party is formed up
bridal dress direction Wedding vows and rings exchange
Step by step scenario of wedding vows and ring exchange
bridal direction left Wedding procession
You will find out the exact positions all wedding party to form up, bride, groom, chief bridesmaid, best man, bridesmaids.....
Before the wedding reception
Learn how to deal with the busy schedule before rushing to the wedding reception
widow and widower’s wedding
Traditionally, the wedding of widows and widowers are called to be less formal, let us tell you why
wedding etiquette tip direction logo Divorced wedding ceremony
Will anyone perform a wedding ceremony for divorced couples ?
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etiquette section graphics Roman Catholic Church wedding ceremony
Do you know there are 2 kinds of service? Let us walk you through the procedure
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