Wedding etiquette on duty of matron of honor and duty of bride's mother.

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Wedding Etiquette Tips 7


Duty of matron of honor
There are times when the bride have no young friends to ask to be bridesmaid or probably she just doesn’t want so many bridesmaids to attend to her. This situation arises when the bride is from out of town or flown in from some country to be married. Or it could be that she doesn’t have any female relatives. Another scenario may be the bride is older and does not have any young friends to be bridesmaid, as all her friends are married. As a tradition, those that are married cannot be a bridesmaid.

Whatever the reasons the bride may have, she can always look for a Matron of Honor. The matron of honor should be someone who is married and be the only one that is attending the bride, which is, she will be the chief bridesmaid and bridesmaid. The duty of matron of honor is the same as the chief bridesmaid and bridesmaid. She, of course needs to be composed with the ability to handle so many tasks at one time. Traditionally, the bride will be wearing the same kind of dress as the matron of honor. The bride will have to abandon the idea of wearing a wedding gown with a veil. At this point, those who are looking for the matron of honor must be very disappointed, but know this, It Is NOT A MUST! This rule may be broken.

Duty of bride’s mother
Often the most hard working person will be the bride’s mother. The duty of bride's mother are huge, with the responsibility of making a great success for her daughter’s wedding. Unless the bride’s mother has passed away, she will have to look for her sister, grandmother or some close relatives to help do the job in over-seeing the wedding.

The duty of bride’s mother have a basic responsibility of being a hostess on the main event of the wedding, she will be also bear in mind that the cost of the wedding will be paid by her and her husband.

The bride’s mother will shoulder the responsibility of giving sound advice to the choosing of the wedding gown as well as the bridesmaids dress. Along other responsibilities, she will help with the announcements of the coming wedding especially to the relatives. She will play a part in the wedding decoration even though she may not know what’s ‘in’ or what’s ‘out’. The choice of the design of the wedding invitation cards will also be part of her duty, printing it and proof reading it. She will also help in choosing the corsages, ensuring that the number of corsages are correct and also making sure that they are worn correctly. She may even need to find out the color of the bridegroom’s mother dress, as color coordination is pretty important for taking wedding photos.

And you think that is all? There are still more……she have to make sure that the arrangements of the wedding receptions and banquet is in order. If anything is not right, she have to talk to the banquet manager about the menus, table decorations, chair corsages on the placements or arrangements. Are the wines the correct year or make they have ordered. She have to make sure that enough cars are catered for sending the required guests to the wedding venue and back to the hotel or home. And of course not forgetting to ferry the Bridegroom’s parents,

bridesmaids and including her husband and herself!

Even though all the tasks and many more can be taken care by engaging a wedding planner, but most mothers are looking forward to this day to be of help in her daughter’s wedding. The bride may have her bridesmaids to help her in the wedding dress, but most mothers will want to do it as a last blessing to her.

During the church wedding ceremony, she will be in the front row of the pews on the bride’s side of the aisle among her family, as she has no part in the church wedding ceremony. Remember to honor her, as mothers may play the most parts in putting the wedding together.


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