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Role and duty Groomsmen and Chief Usher
Groomsmen duty

Groomsmen or ushers are usually needed in a wedding ceremony, their main duty is simply to guide the guests to their seats appointed. When the bridegroom or the best man appoints the groomsmen, it is wise to take careful considerations into some family sensitivity.

What are the groomsmen duty? Normally, the bridegroom may look into friends, relatives or brothers to be groomsmen, but make sure that both families of the bride and bridegroom will not be offended if you need to choose from one side or otherwise. It is also wise to choose the groomsmen that knows your friends and family well enough, so they can receive them by name and lead them to their seats, which is always good to add a certain personal touch.

So how many groomsmen do you really need by the way? That will really depends greatly on how many guests you have invited to the wedding ceremony. As a good rule of a thumb, 2 groomsmen is sufficient to attend to 50 guests, and 100 guests will be 4 groomsmen. But if you really need more groomsmen to make an impression, by all means do it. The groomsmen’s suit will be similar to that of the bridegroom.

Well, the job of the groomsmen are pretty simple, first, they have to arrive early to be briefed by the best man, and also to attend to the first guest that arrive. The groomsmen may ask the guest, “Are you the friend of the Bride or friend of the Groom?” and the groomsmen may lead the guest to his appointed seat. But it is always better to receive the guests by their name, that is why appointing groomsmen that knows the bride and bridegroom’s friends and family is a plus.

Traditionally, the bride’s friends and family will seat on the left side facing where the wedding ceremony is held, while the bridegroom’s friends and family will sit on the right side. And the immediate families of both the bride and bridegroom will sit right in the front row on their respective sides. During the wedding ceremony, the groomsmen will sit at the back, so they can receive late comers that walk through the door. They will also help to open the door when the bride and bridegroom walk down the aisle when the wedding ceremony is over.

Chief usher duty
Getting a Chief Usher is not the top of the list, but you may appoint one if your Best Man feels that his job requires him to return to his office during your wedding day, it will also be good to have a stand-by for "just in case" situations.

When appointing a Chief Usher, it is more appropriate that he is a good friend of the bride and the best man.

He must also have the qualities of the best man and is able to undertake all the task a best man does. He have to be organized and also a multi-tasker. He must be fed with all the information of the time schedule and the details of the wedding. So that when the best man really can’t make it to the wedding, the Chief Usher will be able to take over the job seamlessly.

As I have said before that the chief usher should be a good friend of the bride and the best man, it is because the chief usher may be held the responsibility of some valuables. Even if the best man is on the scene, it is a good idea to have a chief usher to assist him, as it may get real busy when the wedding approaches.


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