Compiling wedding gift list and writing thank you card.

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Wedding gift list and writing thank you card
You may have experienced from your friend’s wedding that the gifts they received where some are completely impractical and worthless. As the most important items newly weds need are practical things they can use for their new home, not crystal swans or kissing figurines.

So couples will normally spend sometime compiling a wedding gift list for their friends and families. Sensible guests will call the wedding couples personally to ask them what will they like to have for their wedding, the couple will tell them from the list they have compiled or even sent out the gift list to them. You can even assign someone to make a courteous call to the guests and make known your preferred wedding gifts to avoid disappointments. Some wedding couples may feel awkward on calling them for wedding gifts, but it is perfectly fine in today’s standard, as people are more understanding knowing that both of you are starting a family together.

The gift list must be specific enough to state the name, model, color and price of the item. Some of the stores provide wedding list services nowadays. They will help you to compile a wedding gift list and receive calls from your friends to have them come down to the store and select a gift for your wedding. They will also help you to keep track of the gifts to avoid duplication. It will be better to choose a store that are situated everywhere around the country, this will allow your guests to shop for your gift more conveniently. You do not have to worry about duplication of the gifts as this can be track through their computer system that is link throughout all the stores in the country.

Because of the powerful system they have got, they can check at an instance what has been bought and what is remained to be bought. With this system in store, you don’t have to worry about managing the wedding gift list anymore, as this can be confusing at times especially when you are too busy with the preparation of your wedding with so many things on hand to do.

It is not uncommon now for newly weds to receive financial gifts. It is the most practical wedding gift a couple can ever receive. Besides all the expensive gifts a wedding couple can receive, financial gift is something that they needed most, but it is not something that you can list it on the wedding gift list. Financial gifts can be in the form of cash, government bonds, stocks and shares and even shopping vouchers. This will allow the newly weds to get whatever they want this way.

Thank You Card
Tracking the gifts can be a chore if you did not appoint a store to do your wedding gift list. Tracking back trhe sender of all the wedding gifts is important, as after returning from your wedding or honeymoon, you will have to send them a thank you card to appreciate them for their coming to grace your wedding and the gifts that has blessed you. In order to do that, you will need to record it down on a spreadsheet on your pda or simply a piece of paper, with a brief description of the gift and the giver’s name.

When the newly weds comes back from their honeymoon, they will have to unwrap the gifts. At the same time, they will have to track the gifts as mentioned above. Right after that, it is traditional that the bride has to write a thank you card to all the givers for their generosity, her husband have to give her some help of course. A phone call to the person to express your thanks can be done,

but sending a thank you card is more appropriate and a must. You may follow the simple example of writing a thank you card notice as follows…

Dear Mary Ann,

I would like to express my deepest thank you for the wonderful gift you have sent us.

Your gift has brought much delight to our new home.

Best Regards,



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