All about proposal ring, wedding engagement ring and wedding ring. The meaning of different precious stones .

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Announcing wedding engagement and proposal ring
Nowadays for the parents to know about their children's wedding will be to first spot the wedding proposal ring on the bride's fingers. It is only right and fair for both parents to know as soon as possible for the sake of courtesy and besides they will be the one to pay for the wedding and reception or part of it.

The bride's parents should first be told then followed by the groom's parents. After that is done, the wedding couple may wish to let the whole world know about their wedding. Announcing wedding engagement through the press will be a thing of the past nowadays, as couples may prefer to call their friends and families personally. But if you would like to have the formality of announcing wedding engagement through the press, it is also important to follow up with a call to verbally tell it to your relatives and close friends. For the couples that are involved in a second marriage, they should inform their children first if they have any, then their former spouses, followed by their parents.


Next on the list will be the wedding engagement ring, it is a seal or an emblem of a betrothal or a signal to tell other men to back off. For cautious men, they will ask their fiancées to select their wedding ring right after the proposal, but that will spoil all the fun and romance, don't you think. It will be a girl's dream to have a romantic proposal if you will present the proposal ring at the same time, a little surprise and romance to top it off.


Traditionally, the groom will be the one to pay for the wedding engagement ring or wedding rings, the ring is suppose to be of the same value as the grooms monthly wage. But modern days doesn't allow most of us to do that, there are way too much financial obligations to consider. Budgeting right down to the last dollar is always a wise thing to do. But if the groom thinks that it is a sacrifice that he should take for the love of his life, then he should do it to avoid future disappointments.

A wise couple always work out their budget keeping in mind the mortgage and basic necessities they will embark in the near future. Some couples who are concern about their wedding budget may select a cheaper stone, or maybe a cluster of smaller diamonds, ask the diamond ring experts for advice they will be glad to serve you. But please do not fool your lady by buying her a fake diamond for the sake of saving money, it will not pass her test especially her mother's, you can be sure that they possess the same knowledge as a jeweler. But women nowadays will be understanding as commitments and cost of living are mounting up daily, so they can be satisfied with man-made diamonds or birthstones.

January Garnet

February Amethyst

March Aquamarine

April Diamond

May Emerald

June Pearl or Moonstone

July Ruby

August Peridot

September Sapphire

October Opal or Tourmaline

November Yellow Topaz or Citrine

December Blue Topaz or Turquoise

Most wedding rings are 9 carat gold, and like most brides, they will prefer the same color, not silver. The trend today for a wedding ring is platinum or white gold, but even the traditional gold has many patterns to choose from.

If you are done choosing your wedding ring, it is also a courtesy to choose a gift for the groom in return. For this gift, it should not be difficult as it is not a formality but a courtesy. Usually tie-pin, fountain pen or even a watch will be suitable.


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