Wedding coordinator advice on choosing the best design wedding cake and displaying wedding gifts.

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Wedding Etiquette Tips 39


Choosing your Wedding Cake
(Bake or Fake?)
Some hotels will provide you with a projector just in case you may have a video presentation to show your guests. Most of the hotels will gladly provide this service to you free of charge but some will come at a cost

A wedding cake will be provided by the hotel, usually it is a dummy wedding cake, and the hotel will compliment each guests with a slice of fruit cake to be taken home. A real wedding cake will always be chosen by any bride as it adds it to the highlight of the wedding reception, if the budget allows, always go for a real wedding cake. Every hotel should have a chef or a baker with the ability to design and make a wedding cake. But if they don’t, you can always ask for recommendations or find one yourself. Wedding cakes comes in various shapes and sizes, you can be spoilt for choice. Make sure that you have done enough research on the internet or wedding magazines, and narrow down to a few designs; if not you will be overwhelmed by the myriad of choices leaving you spending too much time on deciding a wedding cake.

Displaying weddding gifts
The wedding coordinator will also advice you on the receiving of the guests. An open space area will be cleared near the entrance of the ballroom to receive your guests and a small room will be allocated for the displaying of the wedding gifts. You may even ask the wedding coordinator for some ideas on  how to display them properly.

Once the menu has been chosen, the wedding coordinator will help you to print it out and string bind nicely on a hard cover. Choosing a menu can be quite a chore as where food and beverage is concern, likes and dislikes of an individual differs from one to another. Thus getting some advice from the banquet manager can give you a good idea on what to serve your guests and keep them satisfied. Bare in mind that, if you have invited some religious guests to your wedding reception, you have to know their religious background and find out what kind of food they are abstain from, for example muslims can only take food that are ‘halal’ (Meat that has been slaughtered in the manner prescribed by the shari’a.).

You also need to check with the wedding coordinator on the exact time you need to conclude your wedding reception. If your wedding reception takes place in the afternoon or is a luncheon affair, the hotel may have another booking for the ballroom and they will need to have a turn-around time to tidy up the mess and welcome the next guests; that is why they will have a cut off time for you to conclude the wedding reception to avoid you chasing out your guests. If your wedding banquet takes place at night, the banquet manager will be much more lenient on the cut off time, but please donít go over board as the hotel staffs still need to rest.


Unity candle lighting ceremony
Let us enlighten you on the meaning of this wonderful experience

Types of unity candle ceremonies
There are different types of ceremonies suited for different kinds of wedding couples

Unity Candle Ceremony Example 1
Here's an example called “Let there be Light”

Unity Candle Ceremony Example 2
The Two and the One – A contemporary ceremony for lighting the unity candle

Unity Candle Ceremony Example 3
Celebrating the New Family – A ceremony for including children in the lighting of the unity candle

Wedding announcements with cards
The best bet is still good old fashion wedding invitation cards.

Wedding etiquette on writing invitaion cards
It is all about etiquette, from choosing the right font to the color of the paper.

wedding announcement
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