Advice on choosing and duty of bridesmaids and chief bridesmaid, discover their role.

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Wedding Etiquette Tips 6


Duties and choosing Chief Bridesmaid and Bridesmaids
Choosing the right helpers for your wedding can be a daunting task, if jealousy is involved between friends, you have to make some critical decisions. Even distributing responsibilities can be difficult as you need to know each individual's strengths and weaknesses. You may need to deal with social decisions as your helpers will always think that they will have special privileges and sometimes that too may cause problems to arise during your wedding day.

Some of your good friends may offer themselves to be your best man or bridesmaid for your wedding, but not all will fit the bill. Are they too short or maybe too tall that will overshadow you? Are they too good looking that will steal the limelight away from you? How about their posture? Or maybe are they presentable enough? These are just a few question to bear in mind when choosing your best man and bridesmaids for your wedding.

The Chief bridesmaid
Traditionally, the eldest unmarried sister will be your Chief Bridesmaid. If you do not have any or all of them are married off, then your unmarried relative and best friend will fit the bill. Basically, the job of the chief bridesmaid is to take care of the bride's needs and lead the bridesmaids to the service.

Though it may seems like there are only two task to accomplish, but the chief bridesmaid is expected to help choose the bridesmaid's dress. She will have to organize the bridesmaids for the wedding rehearsal. The chief bridesmaid may be called upon to take care of the details of the schedule or the bride's wedding dress. During the wedding day, the chief bridesmaid have to make sure that the bridesmaid's posies has arrived in good shape and check the bridesmaid's attire to make sure everything is in place.

For the place in position for the chief bridesmaid will be behind the bride and the bride's father, she will be following behind them down the isles. And as the Chief Bridesmaid approaches the bridesmaids, she will hand her own flower bouquet to one of the bridesmaid. She will then take over the wedding bouquet from the bride if necessary. The chief bridesmaid may also be a witness in signing the register. She will also help in entertaining the guests right after that, more or less doing the same thing as the best man.

The bridesmaid
The bridesmaid are chosen from among good friends of the bride or the bridegroom , and it usually have a number in total ranges from 2 to 8. Height is also a concern when choosing the bridesmaid, the bride may ask the shorter girls to wear higher heals and the taller girls to wear flats. Sometimes, lining them up from the tallest to the shortest can also be done. The chief bridesmaid may help in choosing the fabric for the gowns or ready-made bridemaids gowns, also the bridesmaids accessories to put on and the types of flowers for the posies; although this is the job of the bride.

So who will pay for the bridesmaids dress?

Traditionally, the bridesmaids dress are paid by the bridesmaid's mother. So if you know that the bridesmaid's mother is reluctant to foot the bill, it is wise to drop her off the list. Please choose affordable fabrics carefully, as not all families are well to do. If your wedding budget allows, it is always a good idea to pay for the bridesmaid's dress, as this will solve all problems. They are allowed to keep the dress after the wedding, unless it is a hired one.

The bridesmaids role are merely decorative. Their job is to walk down the isles following the pages, and stand pretty while waiting for the bride. After that, they are free to enjoy themselves till the wedding ends.


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