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Beginners guide to wedding planning

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Everything you need to know to plan your
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Unity Candle Ceremony
All you need to know about performing a
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Engaging a Wedding Videographer
Before you make your way to the studio
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Wedding coordinator
If you have opted for your wedding reception to take place in a hotel ballroom or hired premises, chances are, you do not have to spend time planning it.

Wedding reception
Here are a few creative way to make the wedding reception come off without a hitch and a few tips to consider.

Wedding invitation wording
A simple wedding invitation card will have spaces leaving the bride and groom to fill in, there may be a tear off slip for reply.

Wedding location
As a wedding planner you should be able recommend the best locations to have a wedding, based off the needs of the client. The best way to go about this is starting big and working down to a small point.


Where all Free Wedding Planning Secrets and Wedding Program are Revealed !

Wedding Glitches? Wedding planner scamming your money? Felt helpless when your wedding day draws near?

I have put together a large collection of articles to help brides and grooms prepare their wedding day, by reading and studying the wedding planning courses. Amateur wedding planners and brides can easily learn the basics of wedding planning in Wedding Planning Tips (Basic) and Wedding Etiquette Tips (Intermediate), a Professional Course is on the way to help budding wedding planners always asking,"How to be a wedding consultant?" or "How to be a wedding planner?". As there isn't any studies and courses on wedding planning in any institutions or university yet.....and Yes, it's FREE also!

Why am I doing this? This is my way of appreciating all my pass wedding couples for allowing me to be a part of their wedding day. So sit tight behind your screen and enjoy the journey of planning weddings, the happiest day of unity between two souls.

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All you need to know about Church wedding ceremonies
Protestant churches, Baptist, Methodist and other alike have all been registered under the Marriage Act to be authorized to conduct the service and act as a registrar under the civil law.

The ministers are also be able to solemnize marriages in their registered buildings. If a minister or a Free Church is not registered under the Marriage Act, then he may conduct the wedding service with the presence of the superintendent registrar.

The wedding couple may also attend a Church wedding service and a civil ceremony conducted by the superintendent registrar separately so that their marriage is legal. Whether the minister is authorized or not, the service must be conducted in a registered building, even if it is a civil ceremony with the presence of the superintendent registrar, it still needs to be conducted in a registered building. After the wedding couple have exchanged marriage vows, they have to sign on the register and also acknowledged by two witnesses.

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Hiring and choosing wedding photographer - Rules of engagement
Next to consider in your wedding planning will be your wedding photographer. It will be tough to choose from so many choices in town. Photography is an expensive luxury and also a must during your wedding day, so you can show off to your friends, families, colleagues and so on and so forth…

So you want good pictures, frames that capture all the different kinds of mood and fancies, that means you have to start shopping for one and allow enough wedding budget to accomplish this goal. With a few friendly pointers, we will help you narrow the wide choices.

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Wedding banquet or Buffet?
Having no main courses with just cocktails can be challenging, you got to be creative. But having just a wedding reception can be a good alternative if you are uncomfortable to go through a traditional wedding because it is your second marriage. You may opt for it if there isn't any good wedding venues or it is just too expensive and may blow your wedding budget. Or simply because your number of invited guests is too large to accommodate the wedding venues you have chosen.

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On divorced couple wedding ceremony
Traditionally for the Church of England, they will not marry or conduct a wedding ceremony for any divorcee. Even under civil law, it is legally permissible for divorcees to be married, but the traditional churches will not allow such marriages if the divorced partner is still alive.

As society advances, some of the churches have been more relaxed on this rule. The clergy may allow the wedding couples to be married if they undergo a stringent marriage course, questions may be ask with regards to their previous marriage on why it has failed. The clergy has the final say to reject any weddings to be conducted in the church if he finds that either one of the wedding couple is not ready for it again.

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Selecting wedding cake
Gone are the days where wedding cakes have to be white or even a "cake" in the traditional sense. Here are some tips for selecting your wedding cakes:

1) Ingredients of your choice of wedding cakes is very important. Especially icing and decorations which are greatly affected by atmosphere and temperature conditions. You need to determine whether your wedding is held indoors or outdoors. Buttercream, for instance, might not hold up for several hours of exposure to really warm temperatures.

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Choosing wedding musicians
Music, what do you know about them? Or what do you need to know about them? It can really be a disaster if you are not too careful about it. Music plays a very important factor in your whole wedding experience. Wedding music sets the mood, explains your character and holds the wedding together. Imagine during your entrance into the wedding march, the bandleader played the wrong music, or maybe he forgot to plug in the speakers and the wedding musicians are late, the MC say the wrong names and the whole event turns out to be a joke. I am not exaggerating a bit, I have been to weddings that has all this happened.

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Duty of Chief bridesmaid and Bridesmaids
Traditionally, the eldest unmarried sister will be your Chief Bridesmaid. If you do not have any or all of them are married off, then your unmarried relative and best friend will fit the bill. Basically, the job of the chief bridesmaid is to take care of the bride's needs and lead the bridesmaids to the service.

Though it may seems like there are only two task to accomplish, but the chief bridesmaid is expected to help choose the bridesmaid's dress. She will have to organize the bridesmaids for the wedding rehearsal. The chief bridesmaid may be called upon to take care of the details of the schedule or the bride's wedding dress. During the wedding day, the chief bridesmaid have to make sure that the bridesmaid's posies has arrived in good shape and check the bridesmaid's attire to make sure everything is in place.

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